How can DTM & Partners plan for data sharing?


Jan 01 2020 Print

Planning together for how, when and what data will be shared helps partner use DTM data

  • Partners and DTM should agree on modalities, times and frequency of data sharing already in the planning phase.
  • DTM & Partners should jointly fill Column B, “Dissemination Category” of the Data Analysis Plan template, before data is collected. (see the suggested template in:   This is to identify the appropriate modality for dissemination of each dataset, ensure swift sharing of data for urgent action and avoid public sharing of sensitive datasets
  • DTM & Partners agree on data and modalities for URGENT ACTION data-sharing. This will ensure that DTM:
    • Recognizes data needed by partners for immediate action
    • Knows how and with whom to share such data in real time
  • Also, Data Sharing agreements should be developed early, in the planning phase, so that data can be shared quickly and safely once collected.  For examples of Data Sharing forms and agreements, see:
  • It is important that partner colleagues know where to find DTM data, how to add their address to the mailing list and inform their replacement when leaving.
  • For information on How DTM shares data see: Where do I find DTM data and reports? How does DTM share data and reports?


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