Migrants Population

IOM Turkey’s Migrant Presence Monitoring (MPM) programme has been coordinated jointly with the Presidency of Migration Management (PMM) since 2016, which is the leading national agency dealing with migration issues in Turkey. The methodology and operational implementation of the MPM programme activities are based on IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) model which seeks to improve the information management capacity and aims to ensure that information and data on migrant/refugee presence and flows are collected and corroborated in accordance with the applicable procedures.

Turkey’s central geopolitical location on the Eastern Mediterranean migration route and its proximity to countries witnessing internal crises (e.g., Syrian Arab Republic, Iraq, Afghanistan) has placed the country under sustained migratory pressure. Currently, more than 5.4 million foreign nationals are present in Turkey, with four million of whom seeking international protection. To gain valuable insight into their presence, locations, flows, intentions, vulnerabilities and needs, MPM Turkey, as part of global DTM operations, has four main components which are Baseline Assessment, Flow Monitoring Surveys (FMS), Customized Surveys and Sectoral Needs Assessments.

Baseline Assessment aims to establish migrant presence at lowest administrative locations (neighborhoods and villages) in Turkey. Doing that, MPM creates information structure that enables the Government of Turkey (GoT), humanitarian aid organizations and other migration-related stakeholders to understand and address the scale and complexity of the current migration flows to, through and from Turkey as well as the presence and internal movements of migrant and refugee populations in the country. It also allows IOM, GoT and other service providers to develop evidence-based strategic planning, policies and plan service provision.

Based on DTM’s FMS methodology, MPM Turkey has incorporated Customized Surveys into its activities, tailored for specific migrant groups and themes. Turkey is hosting the largest Syrian refugee population in the world, which is around 3.7 million, but also it continues to receive migration flows due to, among other factors, forced migration from Afghanistan and labor migration from Africa, Central Asia and Southern Asia. In order to understanding varying profiles, needs and intentions of migrants from these regions, MPM has designed and implemented Customized Surveys with various migrant groups.

MPM Turkey conducts also multi sectoral needs assessments targeting migrant communities to provide information relevant to various humanitarian sectors including food security, livelihoods, health and nutrition, health, protection, and water, hygiene and sanitation.