About Spain

Spain is located in southwestern Europe, and there are two main routes into Spain: the Western Mediterranean route (WMR) and the Western African Atlantic route (WAAR). The former links Morocco and Algeria with the Spanish mainland, the Balearic Islands and Ceuta and Melilla; the latter connects the coasts of Western African countries to the Canary Islands. 

WMR was the most frequently migration route used to reach Europe in 2018, but, the number of entries decreased in most recent years. At the same time, the WAAR  has registered a more sustained number of arrivals, and it is considered one of the deadliest migration routes in the world according to IOM’s Missing Migrants data.  

Since 2017, IOM Spain implements two DTM components: Flow Monitoring (FM) and Flow Monitoring Survey (FMS). FM is the compilation and consolidation of available daily information on number of migrants that arrive in Spain by sea and land. FMS are regularly conducted with migrants arriving by land and by sea since 2018, with the aim of better understanding their profiles, vulnerabilities, intentions and needs. 

Mobility Impact due to COVID-19 in Spain

To better understand how COVID-19 affects global mobility, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has been working to map the impacts on human mobility, at Global, Regional and Country level.

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Europe — Flow Monitoring Surveys in Spain in 2020

FMS are part of the IOM’s DTM activities in the Mediterranean region, started in October 2015 as part of IOM’s research on populations on the move to Europe. FMS are analysed to provide information on profiles, transit routes and vulnerabilities of respondents.

Spain — Flow Monitoring Surveys Top 5 nationalities interviewed in 2019

This report is based on the Flow Monitoring Surveys carried out by IOM field staff in Spain between July and September 2019.

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Flow Monitoring