Round 2
Dec 31 2018
IDP Population

Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country that lies on the Ring of Fire making it one of the most vulnerable countries to natural disasters and forcing millions of people to flee their place of habitual residence as a result. In response, IOM Indonesia has responded in coordination with the Indonesian Government by introducing the Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM). Thus, IOM aims to strengthen the capacity of the Indonesian National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) and Ministry of Social Affairs (MoSA) as the leader of the National Cluster of Displacement and Protection (KLASNAS PP) to systematically collect, analyze and disseminate data on IDP profiles and their needs.

Under its collaboration with BNPB, IOM has conducted several DTM exercises in response to the Mount Kelud eruption in 2014, the Jakarta Flood 2015, the Mt. Sinabung eruption 2016, the Garut flash flood and Pidie Jaya earthquake in 2016. Becoming a member of KLASNAS PP, in 2017 IOM was trusted to roll out DTM in response to the Mt. Agung eruption in Bali, which led DTM to be one of the main information sources in displacement sector in 2018 and thereafter. The large-scale DTM implementations in Indonesia were in response to the series of earthquakes in West Nusa Tenggara and earthquake-tsunami-liquefaction in Central Sulawesi in 2018. Three rounds of DTM mobility tracking in each province were rolled out and covered the entire affected areas. On average, around 350 students from local universities were hired and trained as enumerators in each round.

The information collected provided comprehensive information on IDPs’ profiles and areas of displacement to disaster management actors involved in the disaster response. Furthermore, DTM is contributing to complete, comprehensive and timely information sharing mechanisms in the rapid change displacement cycle.