How can DTM & Partners plan for data sharing?


Jan 01 2020 Print

Planning together for how, when, and what data will be shared helps partner use DTM data

  • Partners and DTM should agree on modalities, times and frequency of data sharing already in the planning phase. (See the flow chart on Planning DTM Location Assessment with Data Users.
  • DTM & Partners should jointly fill Column B, “Dissemination Category” of the DTM Data Analysis Plan template, before data is collected. (See the suggested template in DTM&Partners Toolkit).   This is to identify the appropriate modality for dissemination of each dataset, ensure swift sharing of data for urgent action and avoid public sharing of sensitive datasets.
  • DTM & Partners agree on data and modalities for URGENT ACTION data-sharing. This will ensure that DTM:
    • Recognizes data needed by partners for immediate action.
    • Knows how and with whom to share such data in real time.
  • Also, Data Sharing agreements should be developed early, in the planning phase, so that data can be shared quickly and safely once collected. 
  • It is important that partner colleagues know where to find DTM data, how to add their address to the mailing list and inform their replacement when leaving.
  • For information on How DTM shares data see: Where do I find DTM data and reports? How does DTM share data and reports?


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