Round Zero
Oct 01 2019
IDP Population
Returnees Population

DTM is a system to track and monitor displacement and population mobility. It is designed to regularly and systematically capture, process and disseminate information to provide a better understanding of the movements and evolving needs of displaced populations, whether on site or en route.

Since 2004, DTM Sudan has provided rapid emergency registrations with a priority of meeting immediate information needs for guiding direct assistance to vulnerable people. In 2010, DTM expanded to include biometric registrations and data verifications – implemented in response to government or humanitarian partner requests, such as the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC), WFP, UNHCR, OCHA and TGH. DTM Sudan also works closely with IOM’s other programmes (WASH, ES/NFI and MMDU, amongst others) to identify populations in need of humanitarian assistance and support.

DTM Sudan was last active in October 2019, where it registered 10,114 affected individuals in response to the flooding of Belail locality, South Darfur. Furthermore, DTM Sudan is preparing to launch its first round of Mobility Tracking. Data collection will commence in the upcoming weeks to provide a revised baseline on the estimated presence of IDPs, returnees from internally displacement, returnees from abroad, and foreign nationals. Through Mobility Tracking, DTM aims to generate a geographically comprehensive understanding of displacement in Sudan, and to ascertain regular and frequently updated knowledge on population presence – essential for informing response planning and strategy design.

DTM Sudan continues to operate three flow monitoring points at Abyei, Khartoum International Airport and the port of Sawakin – tracking the arrival of South Sudanese into the country, as well as the return of Sudanese nationals from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.