DTM&Partners Cooperation Process


The cooperation process was developed by DTM and Partners. It follows the agreed common process identified by the Grand Bargain EDAUUR group. It aims at ensuring that DTM data are useful and usable to Partners analysis and response.   It is based on best practices and shared agreement among humanitarian actors.​

Cooperation will value, respect and make use of different but complementary expertise of DTM and Partners. DTM and Partners will therefore engage at crucial steps according to their skillsets. ​

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Toolkit FLowIdentify information needsEngage other data providers & identify information gapsIdentify partners & plan engagementExplain DTM & present dataUse feedback to adjustRe-assess & minimize riskReview available dataChoose appropriate sourcesJointly revise DTM data collection tools Support enumerators sectoral trainingReceive Urgent Action Data & respondUse DTM results & analyse furtherDesign & implement responseProvide feedback to DTMIdentify appropriate DTM componentStart data collection with DTM Field Companion.PARTNERSDTMJointly revise DTM data collection toolsEnumerators trainingData collection and processingShare urgent action dataAssess and minimize riskDTM activityPartner activityDTM & partners engagement LegendIdentify decisions for responseShare data & descriptive analysis

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