Uruguay South America

Owing to the increase of immigrant flows from Venezuela in Uruguay, the DTM has been activated in 2018 to obtain a profile of the Venezuelan population and to know the conditions of displacement to the country. The first DTM Round developed in Montevideo had the objectives of knowing the particularly needs of Venezuelans arriving in Uruguay, as well as their trip to the country; their migration and employment status, and the level of health access.

The second DTM round was carried out in the department of Rivera (border with Brazil) to identify needs, the availability and access to services, vulnerability situations, the migrations routes carried out and the risks of protection of recent migrants, not exclusively Venezuelans. In November 2019, the third fieldwork activity will be held in Montevideo surveying Venezuelans, in order to update the information obtained in the first Round.

For this, DTM has been working closely with five government agencies: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Social Development, Presidency of the Republic, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Labor and Social Security to disseminate information obtained through data collection. The aim of this triangulation is to provide current and critical information to government decision makers and to the agencies that respond to crisis contexts.

Through DTM in Uruguay, it is possible to capture, process and disseminate information on a regular and systematic basis, providing better understanding of the movements and changing needs of migrant population in Uruguay.