Field Companion


Nov 16 2018 Print

Field Companion

Field Companions are Data Analysis Plan of Recommended Questions developed with Global Clusters, AoRs and other Experts for DTM Multi Sectoral Location Assessment. You will find field companions for each sector and theme in the sub-folders on the left, in excel and pdf formats. 

In the Field Companion, each question is clearly linked to Information it provides, Suggested use of its results, Suggested descriptive analysis and visualization, sharing modality, Preconditions that must be in place to include question in the questionnaire, Recommended type of key informant for that question.

You can find below the Do No Harm Checklist for minimizing risk when developing questions, the checklist was jointly developed with Protection actors. 

As it is often not possible to carry out Key Informant Interviews in private and people other than the respondents may overhear the interview, DTM and Partners should never include sensitive questions.

For further Sectoral Guidance on modifying and using the questions, go to DTM for spcific sectors: