Sudan - Mobility Tracking Round Two (August 2021)




DTM Sudan,
Snapshot Date
Aug 12 2021
  • Mobility Tracking
  • Baseline Assessment

Commencing in November 2020, DTM Sudan began its preparation for the second round of Mobility Tracking; this started with the expansion of DTM operations across three additional states of implementation, namely Kassala, Gedaref and Blue Nile, followed by visiting locations in North, East, South, West, and Central Darfur, as well as South and West Kordofan which were not visited in Round One. Data collection was then carried out over a two-month period, concluding in mid-March, and followed by data cleaning and verification to produce the second round of results.

Geographically, Round Two covers 165 locations in North Darfur, two locations in East Darfur, six locations in South Darfur, 31 locations in Central Darfur, four locations in West Darfur, 53 locations in South Kordofan, 20 locations in West Kordofan, 17 locations in Gedaref, 14 locations in Kassala and 26 locations in Blue Nile. Across these 338 new locations, DTM captured 637,160 additional internally displaced persons (IDPs) and 323,039 additional returnees not captured by DTM teams in Round One. 

Mobility Tracking Round Two identified the accumulative presence of 3,036,593 IDPs, 969,397 permanent returnees from internal displacement, 141,495 seasonal returnees, 92,696 returnees from abroad, and 399,946 foreign nationals currently residing in Sudan.