Sudan — Mobility Tracking Round 1 (July 2020)

07 Jul 2020 Sudan Round 1 Download

Commencing in October 2019, DTM Sudan began its preparation for the first round of Mobility Tracking; this started with the training of IOM field teams across the seven states of implementation, namely North, East, South, West and Central Darfur, as well as South and West Kordofan. Data collection was then carried out over a two-month period, concluding in mid-January and followed by data-cleaning and verification to produce this first round of results. IOM is planning to expand its operation to four additional states (Red Sea, Kassala, Gedaref and Blue Nile State) by the end of this year.

Mobility Tracking Round One identified the presence of 2,399,433 internally displaced persons (IDPs), 703,596 permanent returnees from internal displacement, in addition to 137,870 seasonal returnees, 39,083 returnees from abroad, 171,945 Sudanese nationals (having reportedly left their location of origin since the beginning of 2019), and 140,661 foreign nationals currently residing in Sudan.


DTM Sudan,