Mozambique – Flash Report Evacuations to Accommodation Centres 4 (10 - 15 February 2020)

17 Feb 2020 Mozambique English Download

The heavy rainfall from 10 to 15 February 2020 has led to the displacements of some residents of Buzi, Caia, Cheringosa, Gorongosa, Maringue and Nhamatanda districts of Sofala province. *According to the National Disasters Mangement Institute (INGC) an estimated 71,070 individuals (14,319 households) were affected in the 4 districts. Nhamatanda is the most affected district with 26,501 individuals affected, followed by Miringue (17,340 individuals), Gorongosa (20,235 individuals), Buzi (4,464 individuals), Caia (2,230 individuals) and Cheringoma (300 individuals).

A total of 30 accommodation centres have been activated, 12 in Buzi (hosting 4,464 individuals), 8 in Nhamatanda (hosting 5,060 individuals), 5 in Gorongosa (hosting 5,323 individuals), 4 in Maringue (hosting 608 individuals) and 1 in Cheringoma (hosting 300 individuals). Over 22 per cent (15,755 individuals) of the affected population have been evacuated to the newly activated accommodation centres in the various districts.



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