Lithuania — Displacement Surveys with Refugees from Ukraine and TCNs, Round #01 (06-29 Sep 2022)




DTM Europe,
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Sep 06 2022
Sep 29 2022
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Since 24 February 2022, an increasing number of refugees and third-country nationals (TCNs) entering Lithuania has been registered by national authorities because of the war in Ukraine.

Approximately 67,000 Ukrainian nationals entered Lithuania and at least 4.000 have left the country between 24 February and 10 October 2022. The largest part of refugees from Ukraine were granted Temporary Protection and are reported to be accommodated in private accommodations offered by Lithuanian citizens.

According to “Statistics Lithuania”, 66 per cent of registered refugees are female and 34 per cent are male. Thirty-six per cent of Ukrainian refugees are children below 18 years of age, 59 per cent are adults in their working age (18-64 years old) and 5 per cent are older than 64 years.

Nearly 27 per cent are employed and 8 per cent are actively looking for employment. According to available data, Lithuanian authorities register about 150-200 daily new arrivals at the beginning of October and expect that the numbers of refugees might increase during the winter period.

This report is based on a survey on displacement patterns, needs and intentions launched by IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) in Lithuania in September 2022. All interviews were conducted face-to-face by IOM’s DTM trained enumerators with adult refugees and TCNs fleeing Ukraine. This report presents an analysis based on 360 surveys collected between 6 - 29 September 2022. The sample is not representative of all displaced populations from Ukraine into Lithuania, and results should only be considered as indicative.