Ethiopia — National Displacement Report 12 (March— April 2022)




DTM Ethiopia,
Period Covered
Mar 01 2022
Apr 18 2022
  • Mobility Tracking
  • Site Assessment
  • Village Assessment

In order to capture the displacement and return dynamics in Ethiopia, DTM Ethiopia's National Displacement Report combines findings from its Site Assessment (SA) in Section 1 and findings from the Village Assessment Survey (VAS) in Section 2. The Site Assessment tracks the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs), while the Village Assessment Survey tracks the number of IDPs who are returning or have returned to their communities. 

As of April 2022, a total of 2.75 million IDPs have been identified in 2,158 accessible sites across 11 regions in Ethiopia. As a note, due to operational constraints, figures from Tigray region were not included in the total. Of the displaced population, the main causes of displacement were conflict which displaced 1.78 million IDPs (65%), drought which displaced 581,952 IDPs (21%), social tension which displaced 150,576 IDPs (5%), flash floods which displaced 107,816 IDPs (4%) and seasonal floods which displaced 94,118 IDPs (3%).

Through Village Assessment Survey round 12 (March-April 2022), a total of 1.66 million returning IDPs were identified in 1,403 villages across 9 regions (data collection was not undertaken in Tigray region due to a lack of fuel and cash). 1.6 million returning IDPs (97%) were initially displaced due to conflict, 22,107 returning IDPs (1%) were initially displaced due to seasonal floods, 17,178 returning IDPs due to flash floods (1%), 3,439 returning IDPs due to landslides (<1%) and 737 returning IDPs due to fire (<1%).