Emergency Event Tracking Report Misterei, West Darfur 004

11 Nov 2020 Sudan Download

DTM teams activated Emergency Event Tracking (EET) to monitor the displacement of individuals affected by the ongoing violent clashes between Arab and Masalit tribes in Beida and Ag Geneina localities, West Darfur, since 18-20 July 2020. The fourth update revisits Beida locality and estimates a total number of 2,028 individuals (373 households) still displaced across Misterei town. All IDPs are continuing to shelter in schools or other public buildings, and the distribution of emergency shelters is urgently required. Field teams indicate approximately 21 deaths have occurred and 26 individuals have been injured. All 373 households report their household goods and/or livestock to be lost. At least 167 individuals (8%) report additional vulnerabilities in need of assistance and support


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