Czechia — Needs and Plans of Ukrainian Refugees in Collective Accommodation Facilities in Pilsen and Karlovy Vary Regions (Mar-Apr 2023)




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Mar 08 2023
Apr 17 2023
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As a result of the war in Ukraine, more than 6 million people have been forced to leave their country (UNHCR, June 2023). 1 The number of refugees from Ukraine, including Third-Country Nationals (TCNs), that have been granted Temporary Protection (TP) in Czechia as of 4 June 2023 was 341,117. 2 This makes it the country with the highest number of refugees from Ukraine per capita. This unprecedented situation puts enormous demands on everyone involved, from the refugees themselves, to the state administration, to all citizens of Czechia.

The need to provide accommodation for refugees was a huge challenge since refugees started arriving in the first months of 2022. So far, accommodation for refugees from Ukraine has been funded by the state. This, however, changed from July 2023, and will have a huge impact on all groups of refugees, but especially on those living in collective accommodation. The aim of this report is to provide municipalities and organizations involved in the Ukraine crisis response with information on refugees staying in collective accommodation facilities in Karlovy Vary and Pilsen. regions