Bangladesh — Needs and Population Monitoring Report, Majhee Blocks (April 2018)

30 Apr 2018 Bangladesh Round 10 Download

The majhee block system represents an important aspect of communities within collective and/or camp-like settings where Rohinya refugees have settled. A majhee is a community leader, belonging to the Rohingya refugee population and a block is the portion of a settlement for which he/she is responsible. Majhees tend to be used as a focal point to deliver services in each block. The IOM Needs and Population Monitoring (NPM) data collection system relies on majhee blocks as main unit of reference, and on majhees as main Key Informants (KIs). With accurate information about majhee blocks extents, we can gain more detailed insight regarding population counts, number of households, and an overall better understanding of needs within each community.


NPM Bangladesh,