Where do DTM data fit in my analysis?


Jan 01 2020 Print

DTM data may help partners fill their information needs. Partners will use DTM data together with data from other sources, including their own data and information, to analyse and plan response.

Added value of DTM data is that partners can identify information needs and be part of the design of Data Collection Tools for DTM MSLA, so to obtain the data they need, and monitor changes in the situation over time.

  • Partners analysis are commonly guided by an “analytical framework”, outlining the information needs required for decision-making and how these relate to each other.
  • From the “Analytical Framework” it is possible to map types of data and information needed and their sources.
  • DTM is one of the data sources used by Partners for their analysis and decision-making, providing the type of information DTM MSLA methodology is appropriate for.
  • Partners’ analysis will consider multiple datasets from different sources, obtained through different methods. This enables validation, spotting of errors, identification of areas of further inquiry and increased understanding.
Analysis and decision-making


Available Tools: