When should DTM and Partners cooperate?


Jan 01 2020 Print

DTM and Partners should engage and cooperate from the planning phase of a DTM data collection exercise. When this is not possible, due for example to time pressure to provide initial data, DTM and Partners should start engaging as soon as they can, even while initial data collection is taking place, to revise tools.

While engagement is important throughout the process, it is crucial at some specific steps (identified by a star in the visual below).

The DTM & Partners Cooperation process (below visual) details the steps for DTM planning and implementation. A 2-pager document of the  Planning Process for DTM & Partners Cooperation  summarises the main steps. The Pocket Guide to the shared approach guides colleagues at each step of the process.  


DTMand Partners Process

*Jointly revise DTM Data Collection Tools include:

  • Jointly use Field Companion to identify questions that provide needed information. Add /Modify according to context;
  • Ensure that asking each question, analysing, sharing and using results does not cause harm to population, enumerators, key informants and organizations;
  • Ensure effective phrasing of questions and reply options by verifying simulated description of expected results;
  • Jointly identify dissemination modality for each dataset & sign Data Sharing Agreements for sensitive data; Be aware of when, where & how DTM data & reports will be shared;
  • Agree on Roles in analysis for DTM and Partners; Share/receive final Data Analysis Plan; Agree on Feedback mechanism.


Available Tools