​​Methods and Sources for data collection​


Mar 02 2023 Print

Different methods and sources of data collection provide different types of information. Watch the video for an introduction, and check the documents below for more in-depth guidance on identifying the appropriate methods and sources for your information needs.


  1. Methods and Information: [link to be updated]https://dtm.iom.int/dtm-partners-toolkit/other-tools-0​​

  2. Methods and Information for Protection - https://dtm.iom.int/dtm-partners-toolkit/protection​​

  3. Primary Data Collection Techniques Brief (Community Level: Key Informants, Observation and Community Group Discussions)-ACAPS 160415 - Toolkit KIDOCGD -ACAPS.docx​​​

  4. Data-collection techniques and appropriate use for each technique UNHCR.pptx​​​

  5. 2-pager on Key Informant Interviews and DIrect Observation: FINAL_KIDOCOM_Part1_KIDO.docx​​​

  6. 1-pager on Community Group Discussions: FINAL_KIDOCOM_Part 2. CGD.docx​​​

  7. ACAPS Technical Brief - Observation and KII Techniques Rapid Assessments ​