How can Partners help DTM use the correct sectoral definitions and obtain reliable data?


Jan 03 2020 Print

Partners can support DTM ensure accuracy and common agreement on sectoral definition used in the exercise and analysis:

  • DTM question text can include the explanation, rather than the specialized definition.
    • This would mean, for example, to change a question from “How many UAC are there” to “Approximately how many children under 18 years in this location are living with no mother, no father or any other adult family members?”.
    • Or phrase a question on child-headed households specifying what they are: “Number of child-headed households (a household with adults who are unable to be the primary caretakers/livelihoods generators for the household, and in which a child under the age of 18 assumes this responsibility)”.
  • Cultural /context experts should be able to verify that the definition is accurate also when the question is translated in the language used for the interviews.
  • Certain partners can provide sectoral trainings to DTM enumerators (e.g., Child Protection, GBV, Protection). Some partners can also support DTM on modalities for interviewing specific groups.

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