How can I enhance the use of DTM data?


Jan 01 2020 Print

Field experience consistently highlights the effectiveness of targeted presentations of results by DTM to Inter-Cluster/Sector or Sectoral/Cluster Groups.

This is useful as few people have the time to read whole reports and presentations of results can be very effective in supporting accurate interpretation by subject-matter experts, cultural/context experts and decision makers (e.g., in a cluster meeting).

As presenting to all partners in separate meetings would be very time-consuming, it is suggested to start with presentations at inter-sectoral or inter-agency fora (ICCG, HCT, IMWG), and explore the possibility of presenting results to one or two different cluster/sector/WG per DTM round.

In some situations, organizing regular meetings to present results to all interested partners has proven appropriate modality (meetings frequency will vary depending on the need and DTM rounds, e.g., once a month, once every 4 months…)

Remember that presentations are also venues for hearing and discussing in depth feedback from partners, so to adjust the DTM exercise. 

Guidance and examples were provided by Global Clusters, AoRs and other partners on how their sector can use DTM data. Share with Partners, to help them identify the best use of DTM data.


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