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DTM Field Companion for Shelter and NFIs

Global Shelter & NFIs Cluster and DTM identified common Information needs that the Shelter and NFIs clusters /sectors in countries may have and developed suggested questions and options for reply for each information need, that are appropriate to the DTM MSLA methodology.  These are accompanied by descriptive analysis, and possible use of data and available in the DTM Field Companion for Shelter and NFIs.

Using agreed definition of shelter types for DTM MSLA

In addition to the DTM Field Companion, DTM and Global Shelter and NFIs clusters worked together to suggest solutions to a common challenge:  Using different definitions of shelter typologies has been proven to be source of confusion and inability to use data for sectoral and intersectoral analysis. It is extremely important that used definitions are clearly explained (and documented) and shared between DTM and main actors (e.g., Shelter and NFI cluster/WG, CCCM Cluster /WG, other clusters, OCHA or other coordination actor)

Shelter & NFIs clusters /WGs in country are responsible to provide DTM with the agreed definitions of Shelter typologies that DTM will use in data collection.

  • In the absence of agreed definition, DTM can use the Global Definitions, as provided to DTM by Global Shelter and NFI Clusters
  • In case country-specific definitions are developed and used, it is important to document the correspondence between those and Global definitions, so to avoid inaccurate analysis of data at regional or global level.  Relevant boxes should be filled jointly by Shelter Cluster/ WG and DTM.


Correspondence between DTM Global categories of Shelter Types and Shelter Types used in Country

This table helps Shelter Cluster/WGs and DTM in country identify what specific shelter types are used in country by Cluster / WG, and how they link to Global types, identified for DTM by Shelter Global Cluster.

When designing the country-specific questionnaire, please identify correspondence between country typologies of dwellings/shelters used by Shelter & NFI cluster in Country and the typologies recommended by Global Shelter Cluster and included in DTM Data Dictionary.    Note that more than one country-specific type can correspond to one global type

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