DTM for Protection


Jan 03 2020 Print

DTM Field Companion for Protection

Global Protection Cluster (GPC) and DTM identified common Information needs that the Protection cluster colleagues in countries may have and developed suggested questions and options for reply for each information need, that are appropriate to the DTM MSLA methodology. 

These are accompanied by descriptive analysis, and possible use of data and available in the DTM Field Companion for Protection, in:  https://displacement.iom.int/dtm-partners-toolkit/field-companion-sectoral-questions-location-assessment

Check the recording of the 2023 HNPW session on WALKING BACKWARDS for an evidence-based response: Experiences from the field- featuring Global and National Protection Cluster, GBV, Child Protection and Mine Action Areas of Responsibility: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zss6_xIOGhw 

Using DTM MSLA data for Protection

In addition to the DTM Field Companion, DTM and GPC have been closely collaborating at a global level and developed the "Frequently Asked Questions on DTM for the Global Protection Cluster, including the Child Protection, GBV, Mine Action, HLP AoRs and other members of the cluster", available in: https://displacement.iom.int/dtm-partners-toolkit/protection, to support field colleagues on:

  • Explaining what DTM MSLA is and can and cannot do to support the work of protection colleagues

  • Identifying how DTM data can contribute to CP programme planning/coordination/response (reflecting PIM -Protection Information Management- categories)

  • How to use DTM data for Protection analysis  


Available Tools: