DTM for Disability Inclusion


Jan 03 2020 Print

IM and DTM for Disability Inclusion

DTM worked with Global experts on Disability Inclusion to map the information needs for inclusive response and identify the appropriate methods and sources for each information need. The result is the Inter-Agency Decision-Making Tree on “Collection of data on disability inclusion in humanitarian action”. An E-Learning module is available to all on IOM E-Campus Platform.

In addition, DTM and global experts from IOM, UNHCR, UNICEF, HI, Oxfam identified information needed for analysis and response that DTM can collect through Key Informants Interviews for their Multi Sectoral Location Assessment (MSLA), specifically on barriers faced by Persons with Disabilities in accessing basic goods and services.

Information commonly needed on barriers faced by Persons with Disabilities in accessing basic goods and services are included in the DTM Field Companion for Disability Inclusion, formatted as a Data Analysis Plan: it includes suggested phrasing of questions and options for reply as well as descriptive analysis and possible use of data for each information need.

DTM Field Companion for Disability Inclusion is available in excel https://dtm.iom.int/dtm-partners-toolkit/field-companion-excel and in pdf https://dtm.iom.int/dtm-partners-toolkit/field-companion-pdf . In the pdf version, one information need is detailed in each page, while in the excel version, one information need is detailed in each row. The information is identical on both versions.

DTM and Global experts also jointly developed short guidance and presentations that can help DTM and Partners in the field better work together to collect and use data for sectoral and inter-sectoral response.  

The 3-pager guide is aimed at Sectoral colleagues, including CCCM, Child Protection, Education, GBV, Health, Protection, Shelter and WASH. The Guide “Using DTM to collect data for Disability Inclusion” and the presentation (that colleagues can use and adjust to their context) are available at https://dtm.iom.int/dtm-partners-toolkit/disability-inclusion.

In addition, a video explaining how to collect useful data for Disability Inclusion, a training and an E-Learning module are also available at the links below.

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