DTM for Food Security


Jan 03 2020 Print

Field Companion for Food Security: MSLA Sectoral Questions and Data Analysis Plan 

Starting from common information needs, DTM developed Questions and Analysis Plans of those questions. They are called Field Companions.  Field Companion for Food Security is available online.

  • An introduction to the field companion and how to use it is in: https://displacement.iom.int/dtm-partners-toolkit/field-companion-sectoral-questions-location-assessment

  • As Excel for Food Security (one row one question): https://displacement.iom.int/dtm-partners-toolkit/field-companion-excel

  • Field Companion for Food Security in Pdf (one page one question, for non-excel lovers): https://displacement.iom.int/dtm-partners-toolkit/field-companion-pdf


Using DTM

Colleagues can also find information in the 2-pager FAQ on DTM for clusters and presentations (in English, French and Spanish, https://displacement.iom.int/dtm-partners-toolkit/what-dtm)