DTM for Counter Trafficking in Emergencies


Jul 28 2021 Print

IM for Counter Trafficking in Emergencies

IOM Protection colleagues developed the guide for Information Management for Counter Trafficking in Emergencies. It is available in three languages:  

A training composed of 5 sessions is based on the guide: https://dtm.iom.int/dtm-partners-toolkit/sectoral-sessions-dtm-coordinators

A summary video on IM for CTiE is available in: https://youtu.be/5AWKNbiySVY 

Before including CTiE indicators in DTM, colleagues will read and comply with the Standard Operating Procedures in: "Integrating Protection Indicators in DTM_SOPs" in: https://dtm.iom.int/dtm-partners-toolkit/protection 

Find more tools in: https://dtm.iom.int/dtm-partners-toolkit/counter-trafficking