Sudan — Baseline Assessment — Returnees from Abroad — Round 5


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DTM Sudan,
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Period Covered
Feb 15 2022 -
Mar 16 2022
DTM estimates a total accumulative number of 148,256 returnees from abroad (27,010 households) across 10 states in Sudan. The estimated figures for returnees from abroad represent just 12% of the total returnee count. The highest proportion of returnees from abroad (an estimated 46,944 individuals - 32%) returned to Sudan in 2021. Field teams captured the majority of these returnees (40,040) in Blue Nile state - reflective of a mass influx from the neighboring country of Ethiopia following the crisis in Northern Ethiopia during the first half of 2021. More than one third of returnees from abroad captured returned to Sudan between 2011- 2015 (25,295 individuals - 18%) and between 2003 and 2010 (25,295 individuals – 17%). Field teams report that these proportions indicate of the movement of individuals returning to their habitual residences towards the end of the Darfur crisis.
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