Sudan — Baseline Assessment — Permanent Returnees — Round 5


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DTM Sudan,
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Feb 15 2022 -
Mar 16 2022
DTM estimates a total number of 1,181,419 permanent returnees from internal displacement (221,754 households) across 10 states in Sudan. Reporting on returns in a chronological manner, the data indicates that between 2003 and 2010, 152,928 returnees (13%) returned to their location of origin. The highest proportion of returns (340,946) occurred between 2011 to 2015 (29% of the total count) – reflective of a mass influx of individuals returning to their habitual residences at the end of the Darfur crisis. This was followed by 155,523 returnees (13%) in 2016, 165,965 returnees (14%) in 2017, and 120,116 returnees (11%) in 2018. The lowest proportion of returnees returned in 2019 (67,745) and 2020 (66,157), representing 6% and 5% respectively. The steady decrease in returns over time suggests a correlation between the increased length of protracted displacement and the diminishing likelihood of returns. Finally, in 2021 field teams identified 112,029 permanent returnees from internal displacement (9%).
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