Zimbabwe — Tropical Cyclone Idai Baseline Assessment - Round 6 (March 2021)




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Period Covered
Feb 24 2021
Mar 05 2021
  • Mobility Tracking
  • Baseline Assessment

Round 6 of the baseline assessments was conducted by the DTM team which comprised of 59 enumerators between 24 February and 5 March 2021. A total of 85 wards in 3 districts were assessed in Manicaland province. The objective of the baseline assessment is to gather quantitative information on the current status of the population that was affected by cyclones Idai and Eloise as well as tropical storm Chalane.

This report presents descriptive analysis district profiles and summary statistics, including an analysis of sector-wide needs, such as shelter, health, non-food items, water, sanitation and education.

A total of 152,403 individuals are still affected by the cylones and storm. An estimated 8,549 homes are completely destroyed, while 27,410 homes are partially destroyed. In total, 9,035 households are reported to be in need of shelter support, with 3,595 households having received emergency shelter support since the Cyclone Idai made its landfall in Zimbabwe up to the time of the assessments.

During Round 6, 40,842 IDPs (58% female, 42% male) were recorded during the data collection. All 85 wards assessed across the three districts were hosting IDPs. In addition, 4,859 individuals returned to their homes of origin (some returnees are still IDPs, this is because they may have returned to their original homes but they are still in need of shelter support as their homes may not have been repaired). Furthermore, 3 wards in 2 districts recorded a total of 109 foreigners from Mozambique.