Zimbabwe — Flow Monitoring Report (December 2022)




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Period Covered
Dec 01 2022
Dec 31 2022
  • Flow Monitoring

During the month of December 2022, a total of 54,274 movements were recorded and 2,922 migrants were interviewed across 33 Flow Monitoring Points (FMPs) in Zimbabwe. The total movements recorded increased by 11% compared to the previous month. 57% of movements observed were inflows, whilst 43% were outflows. The top three sending districts were Beitbridge (43%), Harare (13%), and Masvingo (6%).

The South Africa-Zimbabwe corridor recorded the highest movement of 44,490 (82%) followed by the Zambia-Zimbabwe corridor which recorded 5,625 (10%) movements. Thirty-six per cent of movements along the South Africa-Zimbabwe corridor were short-term local movements. These are characterised by movements of less than 6 months of people travelling to conduct commercial activities, travelling to access services and daily regular commuting. Overall, 37% of movements recorded during the period were family reunifications. 28,402 of the recorded movements were along irregular crossing points of which 57% were inflows. Sixty per cent of migrants who used irregular crossing points were in possession of identification documents to cross borders. From the surveyed migrant, the highest demographic of migrants using irregular crossing points were males between the ages of 36-45 (22%) and females between the ages of 26-35 (20%). Both these groups indicated that they were travelling for family reunifications and to conduct commercial activities.