Zimbabwe — Population Mobility Mapping (Chirundu)




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Nov 25 2020
Nov 26 2020
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The spread of COVID-19 around the world continues to threaten the full reopening of borders and regular migration pathways. As of 29 November, the total numbers of cases confirmed in Africa are 1,494,524, including 33,512 deaths, with 9,950 cases and 276 deaths in Zimbabwe alone. As part of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Zimbabwe, the Ministry of Health in collaboration with its technical partners strengthened activities for the preparedness and response of COVID-19. To support these activities, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is working closely with the local government of Zimbabwe, Ministry of Health, and the Immigration Department to support the government of Zimbabwe and other key partners with regards to understanding migration flows, as well as to respond to the outbreak in a way that is sensitive to current and emerging migration and mobility realities in multiple regions in Zimbabwe.

As part of the East Horn African route, Hurungwe district’s Chirundu border post holds a particular significance for a greater understanding of mobility trends and migration practices, due to its strategic position of being the main point of access by road to Zambia which relies heavily on the continued and uninterrupted transport of freight and persons for a range of essential goods and services. Chirundu is the border post in Zimbabwe on the border with Zambia, in Mashonaland West province. Located on the banks of the Zambezi river, Chirundu is the second busiest border post in Zimbabwe and is also among subSaharan Africa’s busiest ports of entries and exits, linking the north and south corridor, with hundreds of commercial trucks passing through the border posts every day. Day traders from Zambia gather in Chirundu to exchange goods such as agricultural products, vegetables, and second-hand clothes. The livelihoods of people in Chirundu depend on trade in markets and cross border trade.

This report presents the findings and results of the population mobility mapping (PMM) of Zimbabwe’s Northern region in the city of Chirundu in Hurungwe province on 25 and 26 November 2020.