Zimbabwe — Flow Monitoring Report (April 2021)

11 May 2021 Zimbabwe Download

DTM’s Flow Monitoring Registry (FMR) observes and records flows of people on the move at key transit points within Zimbabwe and at its borders. It provides an insight into mobility trends, migration drivers and traveller profiles to inform programming by humanitarian and development partners and by the government. In total, 17 Flow Monitoring Points (FMPs) were active in April 2021, surveying internal flows and cross border movements with South Africa, Zambia, Botswana and Mozambique. Figures are only indicative of existing trends among respondents at the active FMPs since DTM does not have full coverage of cross-border or internal flows. Participation in the assessments is voluntary and anonymous. Over the reporting period, a total of 12,444 movements were observed including 7,188 (58%) outflows and 5,256 (42%) inflows. Most of the outgoing travellers identified as departing reported travelling from Beitbridge and Harare, and going to South Africa via Dite FMP in Beitbridge. Movement flows from and to Zimbabwe are continuously increasing following the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions from the 1st of March 2021. 


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