Yemen - Flow Monitoring Registry | Non-Yemeni Migrant Arrivals and Yemeni Migrant Returnees in September 2023




IOM DTM Yemen,
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Sep 01 2023
Sep 30 2023
  • Flow Monitoring

In September 2023, IOM Yemen DTM recorded 1,551 migrants entering Yemen, a decrease of 63 per cent since last month (4,176). The number of migrants entering Yemen via the Lahj coast (548) has decreased 76 per cent since last month (2,249). The significant decrease observed since August can be attributed to the ongoing joint military campaign that was initiated at the beginning of August and continued throughout September.. The campaign included raids on the properties of smugglers and the arrest of some of these who assisted in the transporting migrants from Ethiopia, as well as the deployment of military points on the coastal strip to pursue smugglers' boats. The join military campaign is still underway in Lahj governorate that used to receive high number of migrants from Djibouti before August 2023. It is believed that the ongoing campaign has affected the points of arrival to shift from Lahj to Ta'iz governorate. DTM team is trying to develop key informants in the new arrival points. In addition, the number of migrants entering Shabwah has also decreased by 48 per cent last month 1,927 in August to 1,003 in September to due to changes in the weather conditions, namely sea tides and wind speed. According to DTM, conflict-induced movements constituted 50 per cent of all incoming movements in September 2023. These movements were exclusively observed in Shabwah, originating from Bari, Somalia (21% children, 19% women, and 60% men).

The humanitarian crisis in Yemen and challenges in reaching Saudi Arabia led many migrants to return to the Horn of Africa. In September 2023, Djibouti DTM team recorded 559 migrants (498 male and 61 female) embarked on a dangerous journey back home by boat from Yemen. Additionally, DTM observed an increase in Yemeni returnees by 35 per cent in September (5,007) compared to August (3,707). Between January and September 2023, DTM recorded a total of 92,357 migrants and 40,078 Yemeni migrant returnees to Yemen. Furthermore, IOM DTM received a report detailing the return of 76 migrants (comprising 74 Ethiopians and two Somalis) who had initially traveled from Yemen to Oman but were ultimately deported back to Yemen.