Yemen _COVID-19 Mobility Restrictions_ March 2022




DTM Yemen,
Period Covered
Mar 01 2022
Mar 31 2022
  • Points of Entry (PoE)

HIGHLIGHTS (From 1 to 31 March 2022)

• 34 new cases – 9 new deaths | source: WHO

• Updates on numbers of new cases in areas controlled by the De Facto Authorities (DFA) based in Sana’a are not available.

• 5,354 non-Yemeni migrants arrived at the Yemeni southern governorates of Lahj and Shabwah and 7,607 Yemeni returnees arrived in Yemen from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). (Please see March FMR report for more details).

• No IDP households (HH) reported COVID-19 as the reason of displacement. So far, the total number of IDP HHs who have cited COVID-19 as the primary reason for displacement is 1,559 households.

• The authorities of Al Wadeeah land border between Yemen and Saudi Arabia announced the lifting of COVID-19- travel restrictions. Travelers can now cross Al Wadeeah land border without providing PCR tests or proof of vaccinations.

• In early March, the Saudi Arabian government lifted all COVID-19-related entry restrictions. Visitors to KSA no longer need to present proof of vaccination or a PCR test to enter the country, and quarantine requirements have been removed.