Yemen — Area Assessment _ Mobility Tracking Round 39: July to September 2023 Initial Data Release




DTM Yemen,
Period Covered
Jul 29 2023
Sep 20 2023
  • Site Assessment
  • Baseline Assessment

This summary presents the findings of round 39 Area Assessment (Mobility Tracking) undertaking by IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix in its new format to establish a new baseline on the number of Internally Displaced persons (IDPs), IDP returnees and migrants in Yemen. In round 39 of the Area Assessment carried out between July and September 2023, IOM DTM was able to increase the overall coverage since round 38 conducted in October and November 2022. Consequently, the numbers of recorded IDPs, IDP returnees and migrants as well as accessed locations and districts has equally increased.

Data was collected by 154 enumerators through an extensive network of Key Informants (KIs) within the operational area in coordination with Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MoPIC), the Central Statistical Organization (CSO) and Executive Unit for IDPs camps management (ExU) and humanitarian partners in 13 governorates of the government of Yemen.

In the Yemen context, the practice for field teams is to select Key Informant (KI) representatives of both the host and target communities while adhering to the humanitarian principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality, and operational independence. This ensures that the selected KIs are the most relevant and appropriate individuals to ensure the successful implementation of the exercise.

In this round 39; 4,512 KIs were interviewed to collect the data, of whom seven per cent or 295 were female and 93 per cent or 4,217 were male.