Yemen — TFPM Report 6 (10 December 2015)

12 Dec 2015 Yemen English Download

The 6th TFPM Report for Yemen has identified 444,165 displaced households (2,509,068 individuals) compared to 372,969 households (2,305,048 individuals) in the previous report. Taizz is the governorate that hosts most displaced individuals (392,429​9), followed by Amran (288,437 individuals) and Hajjah (228,453 individuals). A new methodology (rating scale) for the verification of data was implemented in the 5th report and in the 6th report. This has resulted in a decrease of the level of displacement in some governorates including: Al Dhalee, Al Hudaydah, Amant Al Asimah, Hajjah, Marib and Hadramut.


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