Yemen – TFPM Multi-Cluster Needs Assessment of IDPs, Returnees and Host Communities (February 2017)

28 Feb 2017 Yemen English Download

From August to September 2016, the Taskforce on Population Movement (TFPM) implemented a multi-cluster location assessment to gather more in-depth data on the IDP, returnee and host populations, in 3,292 locations hosting IDPs and/or returnees, covering all 22 governorates in Yemen. Key informants in each location were interviewed. In addition, the multi-cluster location assessment was used to collect data about the host community in areas of displacement, and the non-displaced community in return areas, to provide further insight about their needs. ‘Generalised violence and armed conflict (no direct personal threat/attack)’ (41%) was reported by key informants as the main reason for displacement in identified IDP locations. In identified returnee locations, lack of access to sustainable income (46%) and lack of access to basic services (28%) in the place of displacement were reported by key informants as the main push factors for return. On the other hand, improved security (30%), lower housing/rent costs (25%) and intent to re-join family members (17%) were reported as the top pull factors for return. With respect to long term intentions (beyond the next 3 months), 81% of key informants reported that IDPs intend to return to their place of origin.


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