Ukraine —Thematic Brief — Defining Vulnerability: Impact of the Changes to the IDP Living Allowance (April 2024)




Snapshot Date
Mar 01 2024
  • Survey

Revisions to the eligibility criteria that came into effect in March 2024 limited access to the IDP living allowance based upon a specific set of socio-economic vulnerability profiles. This introduction of additional criteria is intended to ensure that social assistance in Ukraine is capable of supporting the most vulnerable, both among those who have been displaced and the general population. However, this increases the risk of excluding some vulnerable individuals who may lose access to the IDP living allowance under the new criteria. This reduction in monthly household income could impact on the ability of vulnerable households to meet their basic needs and rebuild their lives.

The purpose of this brief is to provide an overview of the estimated share and number of IDPs that may still be eligible for the IDP allowance under the new policy. Using available secondary data, this thematic brief aims to provide an indicative overview of the share and number of IDPs that will not be eligible anymore, despite being vulnerable to a reduction in household income that could affect their ability to meet basic needs. The brief intends to inform and support advocacy and programming of humanitarian partners in complementarity with the new IDP allowance scheme.

Note: This brief was revised on 26 April 2024 to reflect the latest amendments to the Resolution 332 that came into effect on 22 March. The estimated impact now reflects the most up-to-date criteria for eligibility under the IDP Living Allowance.