Ukraine Response — Regional Analysis — Ukrainian Refugees and TCNs crossing to Ukraine in Q1 2023 (Jan-Mar)




DTM Europe,
Period Covered
Jan 01 2023
Mar 31 2023
  • Survey

This report is based on 5,591 valid surveys collected by DTM between January and March 2023 with adult individuals crossing into Ukraine. About 95 per cent of them were Ukrainians, and 5 per cent Third-Country Nationals (TCNs).

  • The profiles and needs expressed by Ukrainians crossing back from neighbouring countries and surveyed between January and March 2023 mostly match with those ofthe actual returnees from abroad surveyed in Ukraine in January 2023.
  • 61% of Ukrainians interviewed stayed in one of the neighbouring countries, for an average period of 6 months before crossing back. The rest stayed mainly in Germany, Czechia, and the UK.
  • 48% of the surveyed went to Ukraine for short visit only, 40% intended to remain, 12% were not sure of their intentions. Men more frequently reported the intention to stay (55%) than women (38%).
  • Main reason to move is the desire to reunite with family members, both in case of returns and of short visits. One fourth of those doing a short visit wanted to obtain or renew identity documents (biometric passport, diplomas, licenses), one fifth of them were going to the doctor in Ukraine (visits with paediatricians, dentists and gynaecologists were mentioned).
  • Around 15 per cent of the total and 58 per cent of those travelling in a group, were with at least one child (<18 years old) when crossing back. This is far less than what reported by respondents crossing back and surveyed in the same locations during 2022.
  • Top 3 needs: financial support (21%), health support (17%), medicines (12%). Almost half (49%) of respondents reported no needs.
  • The survey captured movements of Ukrainians from Latvia to the Russian Federation to reach areas that are not under Ukraine’s government control.
  • Third-Country Nationals (TCNs) were crossing back to resume studies/work in regions non-affected by the war