Ukraine — Displacement Report - Area Baseline Report (Raion level) — Round 18 (28 Nov- 11 Dec 2022)




Period Covered
Nov 28 2022
Dec 11 2022
  • Mobility Tracking
  • Baseline Assessment

The IDP Area Baseline assessment provides granular data on the number and geographic location of officially registered internally displaced persons (IDPs). Data collection for the Area Baseline assessment Round 18 took place between 28 November and 11 December across 22 oblasts and Kyiv city. Since last round, DTM has expanded its geographical coverage by collecting the IDP figures from local authorities in Donestka oblast. In the areas covered, the number of recorded IDPs was collected for all 109 raions and 948 hromadas (71 per cent of all hromadas in the covered oblasts). In addition, gender disaggregated figures were provided across 52 per cent of hromadas – in those areas, 61 per cent of registered IDPs were females and 39 per cent were males in assessed locations.

This report assesses registered IDP presence at the hromada and oblast-levels, while also mapping the percentage change since the previous round. It further highlights the rate of change at the macro-regional level and charts the registered IDP figures at the raion-level across the previous 10 rounds.