Ukraine — Data for Community Led Recovery — Workshop Summary Report and Way Forward (April 2024)




DTM Ukraine,
Snapshot Date
Mar 19 2024
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Effective recovery and development initiatives rely heavily upon data collected at the local level. The use of data in recovery and development planning and implementation ensures that these processes are accountable, evidence-based and reflect the needs of the community.

This workshop sought to explore the current and possible role of data in locally led recovery initiatives in Ukraine. To do so, the workshop brought together representatives of the Ministry of Restoration, representatives of oblast and hromada authorities, donors, as well as international and Ukrainian humanitarian and development organisations. Through a series of structured panel discussions, the workshop participants examined the needs and challenges faced in generating and using data at the local level to meet requirements in accordance with the national strategy for recovery planning and garner the needed international assistance.

This report summarises the rationale and outlines the main points of discussion, which were focused on the expected outcomes of the workshop. Finally, based upon these discussions, the report provides some conclusions and recommendations proposed by the participants.