Ukraine — National Monitoring System: The Situation of IDPs (June 2019)




NMS Ukraine,
Period Covered
Apr 01 2019
Jun 30 2019
  • Mobility Tracking
  • Baseline Assessment

The objective of the National Monitoring System (NMS) in Ukraine, drawing from IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) approach, is to support the Government of Ukraine in collecting and analyzing information on the socioeconomic characteristics of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and IDP households, as well as the challenges they face. IOM adapted the DTM, a system designed to regularly capture, process and disseminate information on displacement situations, to the Ukrainian context. The NMS provides a better understanding of the evolving movements and locations, numbers, vulnerabilities and needs of displaced populations in Ukraine. The survey collected information on socioeconomic characteristics of IDPs at individual and household levels, including trends and movement intentions, employment, livelihood opportunities, access to social services and assistance needs in 24 oblasts of Ukraine and the city of Kyiv. 

Round 14 (June 2019) found that females made up 58% of household members while 42% were male. 36% of IDP household​s include children and 11% of the identified IDP households include disabled persons.