Uganda — Info Sheet: Multi-Hazard Response/DRR Platform (May 2024)




DTM Uganda,
Period Covered
May 01 2024
May 31 2024
  • Mobility Tracking

The May rains triggered floods and landslides/mudslides in the most affected districts in Uganda. Most floods in districts bordering the big water bodies are because of the rising water levels. The hazards affected 46,457 individuals (10,191 households), with 12,015 people from 2,854 households internally displaced due to the adverse weather conditions. Adults between 18 and 64 years were the most affected age group (58%), followed by children below the age of 18 (33%) and elderly above 64 (9%). Notably, more than half of affected people were female (59%). Urgent needs have emerged, with food assistance, NFI and sanitation as critical priorities in the aftermath of the hazards.

Infrastructure damage was significant, with 2,341 houses completely destroyed, 519 houses partially damaged, and 98 water facilities, 10 schools and 4 health facilities affected.

It is important to note that the information presented in the dashboard is derived solely from the represented districts, and no other major hazard events were reported from other districts.