Uganda — Flow Monitoring Dashboard: Uganda/South Sudan Border (March 2020)

18 May 2020 Uganda English Download
Over the reporting period, a total of 30,155 movements were observed at eleven (11) Flow Monitoring Points (FMPs) at the Ugandan border with South Sudan. At the beginning of February, three of six FMPs along the Uganda/South Sudan border were moved to South Sudan, while two of the remaining FMPs started to wrap up operations, Only one FMP (Elegu) remains in Uganda. Similar to February 2019, this month saw a majority of incoming flows (59%) against outgoing flows (41%). The majority of movements were reported within a day to a week (56%). Frequently by taxi or car (29%), by foot (28%), truck or bus (19%). There was a drop of migrants at the end of the month due to mobility restrictions set by the government as a measure to control the spread of CoViD19.


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