Türkiye — Migrant Presence Monitoring - Situation Report (October 2022)




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Period Covered
Oct 01 2022
Oct 31 2022
  • Flow Monitoring
  • Migrants presence
  • Mobility Tracking

According to the latest available figures from the Turkish Presidency of Migration Management (PMM), there are more than 4.9* million foreign nationals present in Turkish territory, 3.6* million of whom are seeking international protection.
Most of those seeking international protection are Syrians (3,603,724* individuals) who are granted the temporary protection status in Türkiye. In addition, international protection applicants are most frequently nationals of Afghanistan, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraq constitute another group of foreign nationals. According to PMM, there were 29,256* international protection applicants present in Türkiye in 20211, published annually. Moreover, according to UNHCR**, there are close to 330,000 international protection status holders and asylum-seekers.
In addition, there are 1,336,601* foreign nationals under residence permit holder status; this number includes humanitarian residence holders.

*Data Source PMM, 03.11.2022
**Data source UNHCR, July 2022