Turkey - Baseline Assessment Turkey (24 provinces) (September - November 2018)

In the second half of 2018, Migrants Presence Monitoring (MPM) team in Turkey conducted the Baseline assessment for 24 Turkish provinces. The Baseline 2 phase was conducted between September and November 2018. During the field data collection, 16 team leaders and 32 enumerators, assessed 16,590 locations and interviewed 16,590 mukhtars and approximately 1,400 other key informants. Baseline 2 data recorded the presence of 1,584,162 migrants, while Baseline 1 data recorded 2,012,971 migrants. The findings below discuss the reasons fro the discrepancy of 428,809 indivdiauls between the two datasets at the national level. Accroding to the findings, migrants and refugees tend to move to areas with higher migrant presence with access to services provided by the local authorities and aid organizations, better job opportunities and existing migrant communities.




Baseline Assessment