Thailand - Multisectoral Assessment of Needs Among Cambodian and Myanmar Migrants in Thailand – Round 1 (August - October 2022)




Period Covered
Aug 22 2022
Oct 23 2022
  • Survey
  • Site Assessment

This report aims to provide an overview of the multi-sectoral conditions, needs and challenges among the Cambodian and Myanmar migrant population in Thailand as captured between August to October 2022 by IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix’s (DTM) multi-sectoral assessment of needs. The purpose of this assessment is to provide detailed multi and inter-sectoral analysis of the magnitude and severity of needs among migrant populations, identify vulnerable population groups and geographic areas with the most acute needs, inform development assistance planning and relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) targets, and provide sectoral and inter-sectoral baselines for future assessments. This report includes analysis on household demographics, migration history, documentation, education, employment, food security and livelihood, protection and child protection, gender relations, health access, WASH access, and shelter access.

The sample consists of 2,318 respondents, of whom 52 per cent identified as women and 48 per cent as men. Cambodian nationals made up 60 per cent of respondents while Myanmar nationals made up 40 per cent. Female respondents were more highly represented among Myanmar nationals (71%) compared to Cambodian nationals (40%). The average age among respondents was 37.2 years and 60 per cent identified themselves as the head of their household. Counting all respondents and their household members, 5,756 individuals are represented by the assessment.