Thailand — COVID-19 Vaccine Perceptions of Cambodian and Myanmar Migrants in Thailand - Round 2




DTM Thailand,
Period Covered
May 23 2022
Aug 30 2022
  • Survey
  • Community Perception

This report aims to provide an overview of the perceptions, needs and challenges related to COVID-19, the vaccine and the booster vaccine among the migrant population in Thailand, drawing on findings from two rounds of IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix’s (DTM) COVID-19 Perception Surveys. The first round was conducted in late 2021 and early 2022, whilst the second round took place from 23 May to 30 August 2022. This report aims to provide analysis on the status quo, including with regards to the COVID-19 booster vaccine, whilst also exploring how attitudes about the COVID-19 vaccine have changed over time. Most of the information presented relates to Round 2 of the survey, except where an explicit comparison is made to Round 1.

The Round 2 sample consists of 2,725 respondents, of whom 47 per cent identified as male, 51 per cent as female and 2 per cent as other gender. The average age of respondents was 35 years and the sample included an even share of Myanmar and Cambodian nationals (50% each). Female respondents were more highly represented among Myanmar nationals (57%) compared to Cambodian nationals (45%). About two thirds of respondents (61%) indicated being married. Of those, 93% reported living with a spouse in Thailand. About one third indicated being single (34% among Cambodian national respondents, 27% among Myanmar national respondents).