Thailand — Flow Monitoring Surveys: Insights Into The Profiles And Vulnerabilities Of Myanmar Migrants To Thailand Round 3 (August 2018)

12 Sep 2019 Thailand Download

Building  on  the  first  two  reports,  this  report  analyzes  the  third  round  of  data  collection  and  provides  a  more detailed analysis of the data, examining the similarities and differences in the results across the three rounds of data collection. In so doing, the report aims to advance a more comprehensive understanding of Myanmar migrants in Thailand, with the larger dataset increasing the representativeness of findings.  Throughout a period of six months (13 June 2018 – 12 December 2018), the DTM Thailand team was able to collect a total of 11,705 surveys. The report first provides a thematic analysis of the findings and then draws correlations between factors like gender, education, documentation status, employment sector and duration of stay in Thailand. As final report, the document contains several recommendations identifying migration patterns as well as common challenges and vulnerabilities that cab be used to better direct policy and programming for the protection and assistance of migrant workers.


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